Oracle Database 12c: New Features for Administrators Ed 2

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Duration: 5 Days

What you will learn

In the Oracle Database 12c: New Features for Administrators Ed2 course, you’ll learn about the new and enhanced features and options of Oracle Database 12c. Expert instructors will teach you how these features and options increase security, manageability and performance.

Learn To:

  • Manage the Oracle multitenant container databases and pluggable databases.
  • Configure Heat Map and use Automatic Data Optimization.
  • Benefit from Online Datafile Move.
  • Understand the new Temporal capabilities as well as In-Database Archiving with Row-archival.
  • Enforce security with the Unified Auditing, the new administrative privileges, Privilege Analysis, and Data Redaction.
  • Increase SQL performance with the Database In-Memory option, and Full Database In-Memory Caching and the Automatic Big Table Caching features.
  • Benefit from optimizer enhancements such as Adaptive Execution Plans and SQL Plan Directives, Real-Time ADDM and Compare Period ADDM.
  • Use enhanced features of Resource Manager in multitenant container databases and pluggable databases.
  • Understand how and when to use enhancements in Data Pump, partitioning, and SQL including JSON.

Benefits to You

Ensure fast, reliable, secure and easy to manage performance. Optimize database workloads, lower IT costs and deliver a higher quality of service by enabling consolidation onto database clouds.

Hands-on Practices and Demonstrations

Hands-on practices and available demonstrations help you learn how to use these new or enhanced features of Oracle Database 12c. You'll explore using Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control and other tools like Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Express SQL Developer to manage, monitor and administer your data center. You will also learn about performance new features of the first patchset of Oracle Database 12c: Full Database In-Memory Caching, the In-Memory Column Store which is one of the most important features of the 12.1 first patchset, and Automatic Big Table Caching.


Cloud Administrator
Database Administrators
System Administrator

Related Training

Required Prerequisites
Good knowledge of Oracle Database 11g

Suggested Prerequisites
Oracle Database 12c: Install and Upgrade Workshop
Using Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c

Course Objectives

  • Create, manage and monitor multitenant container databases and pluggable databases and their resources consumption with Resource Manager
  • Manage datafile online operations, heat map and automatic data optimization, archive data using Row-archival or Temporal Validity and Temporal History
  • Manage security by using the new unified auditing, the new privileges, such as SYSBACKUP, the privilege analysis, and by creating and managing Data Redaction policies
  • Use the Recovery Manager enhancements
  • Manage the database performance with monitoring DB operations, Real-Time ADDM and Compare Period ADDM
  • Understand the new in-memory capabilities of the Database In-Memory, Full Database In-Memory Caching, and Automatic Big Table Caching
  • Tune the SQL performance using Adaptive Execution Plans, SQL Plan Directives and statistics enhancements
  • Explore new Oracle Data Pump features and SQL*Loader Express Mode
  • Use online operations during partition movement and compression, and other DDL operations
  • Use partial global partitioned indexes
  • Explain JSON support by Oracle database store and query JSON data
  • Explain new SQL enhancements such as extended data type column and SQL row limiting clause

  • Course Topics

    • Enterprise Manager and Other Tools
    • Basics of Multitenant Container Database (CDB)
    • Configuring and Creating CDB and PDBs
    • Managing CDB and PDBs
    • Managing Tablespaces, Common and Local Users, Privileges and Roles
    • Managing Backup / Recovery / Flashback
    • Online Datafile Move and Automatic Data Optimization
    • In-Database Archiving
    • Auditing Enhancements
    • Privileges Enhancements
    • Oracle Data Redaction
    • General RMAN New Features and FDA Enhancements
    • Monitoring DB Operations
    • Real-Time ADDM and Compare Period Advisor
    • ADR and Network Enhancements
    • In-Memory Column Store
    • In-Memory Caching
    • SQL Tuning
    • Resource Manager and Other Performance Enhancements
    • Index and Table Enhancements

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